My Grocery List Staples

“What do I eat?” Everyone asks so here I will tell you 🙂
Here is a list of food I buy for myself as well as my son give or take he gets the good stuff. I only shop every 2 weeks and cook enough food to last a few days to where I do not have to constantly be cooking and focus on the important things!
I usually cook every Sunday and Wednesday!
Protein:  Egg whites, Chicken- baked or grilled, Extra Lean Ground Turkey- Jennie-O brand,Tilapia, Salmon & Tuna!
Complex Carbs:  Brown rice, Plain Oatmeal, Whole wheat bread, Sweet Potatoe patties ( freezer section) ,Whole wheat tortillas.
Veggies: Spinach, Asparagus, Squash,Zucchini, Green beans, Cucumber, onions, peppers, tomatoes.Salad with fat free dressing ( I love the fresh steam bags that Publix has)
Drink: I drink a gallon of water everyday. Flavor it up with Crystal Light, lemons, limes, cucumbers.
Extra Flavor: Salsa, fat free salad dressing, spicy mustard, pepper, cayenne pepper, Mrs. Dash salt-free seasonings.

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