Why you should NOT diet or do a extreme diet:

Extreme dieting (missing meals, eating low calories and low carbs) may allow you to lose weight in the beginning, but just so you know for every 10 lbs you lose from extreme dieting, 4 of those pounds is lost muscle!!!!
When you put your body through a extreme diet your metabolic rate decreases and you will actually gain more body fat.People might notice you are losing weight, but you are becoming “skinny-fat.”
Right now I weigh 135 in High School I weighed 125 and now I look skinnier to some people now than I did back then, it is because I eat right and workout and my body is toned and does not have a layer of fat I was “skinny fat” in some sense. Muscle weighs more than fat people so dont worry if the scale goes up as long as you see results and you feel good about yourself that is all that matters!
To turn this around and to start to increase your metabolism again you need to:
  • Increase your meal frequency to every 2.5-3 hours. and eat at least 6-7 meals.
  • Drink 6-8 oz. water each day.
  • Choose a lean protein and complex carb at each meal, adding in veggies when possible.
  • Most extreme dieters just diet alone with no physical activity so workout every day to see the real weight loss results!
Fueling your body properly will promote healthy weight loss and allow you to maintain your desired weight your entire life. It is a lifestyle change remember that! Don’t diet. A diet is temporary. Save your body the stress, and nutrients that it really needs from the lifestyle that it is naturally suppose to undergo.
Love in Fitness,

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