Workout bag essentials

I often people watch while at the gym. Especially while doing cardio on the stair stepper, since it is the highest machine that’s not equipped with a TV to watch, so what better thing to do right? Here lately I look at others walking in the gym with their gym bags wondering what they would have in their bags trying to guess based on the size and type of person, don’t judge I’m just trying to pass time. I figured I would let you all in on what my work out bag essentials were.
I carry a huge Nike gym duffell bag , pink of course. Inside I have what I use on a daily basis. First thing I do once I get to the gym is remove my makeup with these handy travel size makeup cleansing cloths. I also carry extra deodorant and a travel size body spray just in case I’m running to the store or to pick up my son afterwards. I always have a arm band and these amazing ear phones called Ear Buds they are specifically made to fit a woman’s ear. They literally sound like a boom box and sound is crystal clear. I also have my workout gloves which I honestly rarely use but they are good to have handy in case I feel like doing ropes or use heavy weight on some bars. Along with my gloves I carry my water bottle and my towel, but not just any towel. This towel absorbs water and keeps you cool throughout your workouts, you can get them anywhere in the sports section I got mine at Academy Sports for around five to ten dollars. I have my boxing gloves for my one a week boxing cardio session with the bags in my gym. I carry my Thing Big workout log journal that I got from Walgreens, TJ Maxx also has super cute motivational workout books/journals. Then I have my inspiration binder filled with inspirational photo’s quotes along with my workouts and recipes and eating plans.
What do you pack in your gym bag you never know if a girl on the stair stepper is trying to figure out :).
Love in Fitness,

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