About me

My name is Stephanie and I have a passion for living healthy and being fit.  I took my love for fitness to the next level and obtained  my degree in Human Performance/Exercise Science from Huntingdon College in Montgomery Alabama. Even though I have lived a life of being physically fit my body went through a complete metamorphosis when I became pregnant with my son, along with pregnancy I overcame many obstacles during my journey to get to where I am today that challenged me mentally, emotionally, and physically .
All my life I have been physically active, while in High School I constantly stayed in the gym or ran at the park in my hometown of Phenix City, Al. I picked up the love of doing pageants from school pageants to and even Miss Alabama pageant’s. I fell in love with getting all dolled up and getting on stage to show the judges what I got.  I competed in my first and last Miss pageant my senior year when I was at my lowest weight of 125 lbs and at 18% body fat.
Soon after graduating High School, I  married my High School Sweetheart of 3 years and soon realized I was pregnant with my soon to be miracle in disguise.  While being pregnant I came to find my not so sweet sweetheart was not the person I knew and fell in love with in High School. I will not go into much detail but I was in  a very bad place in life mentally, emotionally and physically. And all that stress effected me in many ways, one being in weight.
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Average weight gain for a pregnant women is 20-40 lbs. I gained a whopping 85 lbs. in 9 months!!!!!
I went from 125 lbs. in July 2007 to 210 lbs. in April 2008.
My body fat went from 18% to 34%.
Shortly after having my son I lost the normal baby weigh gain of 30 lbs. I was at 180 lbs. 30% body fat by the time he was 3 months (July, 2008). Soon here I was a full time college student ,basically  a single mom and full time worker.  I lost another 10 lbs. due to breastfeeding but I still remained at 30% body fat around this time.
Before I knew it my son who still to this day is my baby was turning 1 year’s old and I was still at 170 lbs. still 30% body fat (April 2009). This was the same time I decided to do something with all aspects of my life to better our lives. I was having a hard time on my own and the stress that my husband was putting on me literally tore me down  mentally, physically, and emotionally. I slowly started to go walking when I could and it helped me to focus on what I needed to do to get my life where I truly wanted to be. During this time I filed for divorce July 2009 and became completely focused on Jon and I and our future, with doing this I was able to focus on me and fall back in love with working out.
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I was going to the gym everyday and eating healthier when I could, depression and stress from the divorce, being a single mom, as well as school and work kept me from eating the way I should.  By December 2009 I was weighing 160 lbs. with a body fat of 28 %. I soon became comfortable with where I was and decided to focus completely on school and getting my GPA to where it should be, divorce definitely put a  dent in my GPA and that was a huge let down for me since I have always been good in school. Once school ended I was able to work out again during the summer and got down to 150 lbs. 28% body fat. At this time  I was more focused on what the scale said, which now I know doesn’t really matter.
Fast Forward to Fall 2010 I walk into my school’s dining hall and have numerous people compliment me on how good I looked and it felt great. I yet again became comfortable with where I was and focused on school and worked out when I could. I yo yo’d between 147-150 that year and soon summer was here and I got a job at gym here in Montgomery which really helped me refocus.
Fall 2011 my senior year in College I was focused on everything Jonathan, school, work, my health and I even made the school’s dance team, things finally started going right. A couple 4.0’s and Dean’s High List of Honor’s and soon I was graduating which was a huge deal to me! With the support from my family, friends, and work I made it through my last year in college studying something I loved Fitness and the Human Body and how it works. With my knowledge that I gained and the ability to finally balance everything I got down to 135 lbs. and a body fat percentage of 22% in May 2012 the month that I graduated from Huntingdon.
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Now that I have graduated, I’am able to completely focus 100% on my diet and exercise and overall health. And with a rekindled love of working out and being fit I am planning on getting into competing in my first bikini competition one day . And along my journey I found confidence and self-esteem and true love for myself for once. I decided to tell my story and progress to not only motivate me to keep going, but to show others that anything is possible if you stick to it. I hope my fitness and health tips can help someone live a better life!!!No matter how long it may take it can happen if you are determined, and don’t give up!
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Love in Fitness- Stephanie

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