Protein Fiber Fudge 

I love making this for the sweet loving men in the house and it helps curb those chocolate cravings! 
 – 122g (1/2 cup) Pumpkin

– 1 Avocado

– 40g (1/4 cup) Raisins

– 42g (2 Tbsp) Honey

– 1 tsp Vanilla Extract

– 64g (4 Tbsp) Peanut Butter

– 124g (4 cups) Chocolate Lean Protein Powder

– 12g (1 Tbsp) Chia Seeds

– 12g Psyllium Husk (Fiber)

– 1/2 Teaspoon Salt

– 30g (6 Tbsp) Sugar Free Cocoa Powder

– 56g Walnuts

– Optional: 2-3 Pieces Sugar Free Chocolate
1. Combine Pumpkin, Avocado, Raisins, and Honey into a food processor and process those together.

2. Add in your Vanilla Extract, Peanut Butter, Protein Powder, Chia Seeds, Salt, and Cocoa Powder and process again.

3. Add in your Walnuts and then lightly process one more time.

4. Line a baking dish with some parchment paper.

5. Pour your mix onto the parchment paper and “smooth” it out with a spoon so it’s flat.

6. Melt some Sugar Free Chocolate in the microwave to top your fudge with (or anything else you like).

7. Evenly distribute the melted chocolate over the top of your fudge.

8. Put your fudge into the freezer for 3-6 hours depending on how thick or thin it is.

9. Remove and cut.


Calories: 2106 – Fat: 102g – Carbs: 152g – Fiber: 60g – Protein: 145g


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