Healthy Shepard’s Pie

Brrr it’s cold out!! Oh how it reminds me of my wonderful trip to Ireland when I was in College. This is where I had the most amazing Shepard’s Pie it was so yummy. Unfortunately what was so yummy was indulging and not on my usual eating habits list. Thats was my inspiration for creating this  healthier version that is carb free and taste amazing!!!!!! The men in the house did not even notice it was cauliflower. I enclosed some photos from my trip as well.


1 bag frozen cauliflower
1 lb ground turkey breast meat or lean steak tips
1 bag of frozen mixed vegetables
Mrs. Dash Salt Free Seasoning I use the garlic herb kind
Low Sodium Worcestershire
Fat Free Cheese
Milk (I use Fat Free)

Preheat oven to 350 degree’s

Cook your meat until cooked through (I usually season mine with Mrs. Dash and I also use 2 tbsp low sodium
Worcestershire sauce & pepper)

While the meat is cooking bring a pot of water to boil, once boiling add your bag of cauliflower and let cook

Once your meat is done cooking let the meat drain some and add the bag of vegetables to the pot you was cooking in to soak up the seasonings from the meat

While the cauliflower and veggies are cooking this is the time you take the meat and if you got lean steak tips you can cut them up smaller pieces, if needed. If not you can add all the meat back to the veggie mix to cook until they are cooked.

While the veggies and meat are cooking, take the what should be now cooked cauliflower and drain it.
Then add it to a large mixing bowl. Grab a hand masher and mash the cauliflower until you get as much as you can mashed, then you add some milk and I use 1 butter and Mrs. Dash Garlic Seasoning and pepper to it , then get a hand beater and put on low until they are smooth like mashed potatoes (this also makes an amazing pizza crust)

I take a ramekin however many people you have I use one for each and I take the meat and veggie mix and pour inside to fill half up then I put some of the juice in the bottom of the pot as well to help add flavor, I then layer the mashed cauliflower on top and sprinkle with fat free cheese.

Then let the individual ramekin’s cook for about 10 min in the oven.
Pop them out and enjoy, a great compliment to this dish is a nice salad!

This meal is low carb and great and easy to make!



One of my favorite photos I took this while looking onto the Blarney Estate from the Blarney castle.


Can you believe our first dinner was Diner inspired? We didn’t know where to go and was starving I topped my dinner off with  root beer float!


Fiddler on the street in downtown Dublin Ireland


In front of Blarney Castle where I kissed the Blarney Stone in Cork, Ireland.



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